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 Each month we showcase a Business from the BID area, and this month is Millets on London Road North.

Millets have just had a rebrand, so we popped down to take a look and ask manager Chris Godbold a few questions.....


LV: How long has the Business been in Lowestoft?

C: Well ive been here 21 years and it's been here long before me, certainly over 30 years. It started in 1861 in Southampton and Bristol and then moved to Northampton, the rest, as they say, is History.

LV: Why did you decide to rebrand?

C: We regenirated a new 10 year lease so they invested in store and gave us a new look. We think it works well.

LV: We agree, it certainly does! How many staff member are there here?

C: We have 8

LV: Do you have any offers on at the moment?

C: We have up to half price on our Jackets and Footwear until next Thursday (17th)

LV: What do you like about having your store in Lowestoft?

C: Lowestoft is a good thriving market town, with local trade and regular customers. We are unique as there are no other retailers like us locally and of course, we have been here a long time.

LV: What has been the strangest question you have been asked?

C: Ha Ha! Erm... "Where am i?" or "What store am i in?" spring to mind

LV: What is your best selling item?

C: Jackets at the moment and we've also seen an increase on high-end stuff and technical products.


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