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Visitors to the town centre increase

Latest information on footfall in Lowestoft town centre suggest that there has been an increase of 6% year to date in the number of people using the town centre.

Lowestoft Vision records footfall data along with a range of other performance data on a monthly basis. For the period of April - June 2015 there was a 6 % increase compared to the same period in 2014.
The data comes from footfall counters at the Britten centre and M&S which are provided to Lowestoft Vision.
The increase goes against national bench marking data which continues to show a small decline in the number of people using town centres.
However recent events along with increased marketing of the town now seem to beginning to be having a positive impact on the town.
Further information also detailed that for the weekend of the Lowestoft Festival footfall increase by 16% year to date on the Saturday but 59% on the Sunday.

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