Business in 60

We live in a changing world where customers want better choices, richer experiences, and seamless connections with technology as well as fantastic customer service with a human touch. This creates lot of opportunities for innovation, but it also gives businesses a headache answering the question: 
“Where do we start?”
In this session, Alex Menhams of Kaleida shows how co-design – seeing the world through customers’ eyes and designing solutions with them – is a great place to start.
Drawing on his experience with global companies (Astra Zeneca, Shell) and local businesses (Adnams, Boxford Group, Monthind) Alex reveals how your team can gain the mindset, skills and tools to drive innovation.
Attendees will discover how to:
Innovate and co-design with customers, staff and suppliers
Use new techniques to discover customer unmet & future needs
Identify problems using visual tools like user journey mapping
Turn ideas into action through prototyping and user testing
About Kaleida
Kaleida’s philosophy is simple: we unlock commercial and creative potential. We do this by helping businesses collaborate with their customers, staff and suppliers to design better services and experiences.
Business in 60 
Business in 60 is a fast, fun and informative way to learn new skills and improve your business offer. Limited to only 20 delegates and available only to members of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce (including town membership), Business in 60 is the new way to help your business grow.
For more information on Business in 60 events please contact:
Kayleigh Streeton
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