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Campaign to reduce street drinking in the town and seafront

A campaign aimed at tackling Street drinking in Lowestoft has recently been launched by Waveney District Council and Suffolk Police.

The Reduce the Strength campaign is aimed at licence shops and encourages them not to sell Super Strength alcohol. This is any larger, beer or cider with an alcohol volume of 6.5% or above.

The scheme is voluntary to take part in with Suffolk Police and Waveney District Council encouraging as many businesses to sign up the campaign.

Removing cheap super strength alcohol from off-licences within Lowestoft is aimed at promoting sensible drinking and to resolve problems of street drinking within the community. The scheme has successfully been operating in Ipswich for the past few years and has reduced crime and street drinking in the town centre.

Business in Ipswich who have sign up top reduce the strength have reported a lost in crime, improve trading, working conditions for staff and in many cases an increase in profits.

In addition to the Reduce the Strength Campaign Lowestoft Police will be enforcing the Designated Public Places Order. The order which covers all of the area around Lowestoft Town Centre and Lowestoft Seafront means that the Police have the power to stop anyone drinking in a public place. Alcohol can be removed and emptied by the Police failure to comply could result in arrest and conviction with a £500 fine.

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