Enter the Pancake day race

Do you have what it takes to crown the title of the annual Pancake day race?

Lowestoft Vision invites you to take part in this year’s annual Lowestoft Pancake Day race challenge.

This year’s event, organised by Lowestoft Vision, will take place on Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 12pm on London Road North outside Beales department store. The annual event is very popular with the teams that enter and spectators alike.

Excited onlookers will be entertained by the Mascot race starting shortly after 12pm. Following this will be the main Pancake Day relay race, it will see home-grown teams of three duel against each other over a short course, flipping pancakes as they dash the distance.

The hilarious contest will be broken down into heats followed by semi-finals and a final. 

Please step up to this year’s fun encounter, complete and return the entry form by Friday 1st February 2018 to play your part.

Chef’s hat will be provided, trophies will be presented to the winning team and to the individual who has the best ‘flipping’ technique.

Fancy dress is also highly encouraged, however this is not compulsory. 

Let’s enjoy, let’s get the town buzzing with a vibrant, light hearted, good humoured, traditional event.

Please complete your entry form here. 


Race format and guidelines :


  • Each team and mascot to bring their own frying pan.
  • Each mascot to bring a friend to help race with if needed.
  • All to enrol with Ann-marie Doggett and Amie Mullen at the course start/finish line no later than 11.45am.
  • Mascot race will start just after 12pm (after photo shoot).
  • The team relay race will be broken down into heats followed by semi-finals and a final.
  • The team race is a relay, each team member must complete the course flipping the pancake (provided) 3 times at the midway point along each section of the course (failure to do this will result in going back to the starting line and begin again, hahaha).
  • If participant allows a pancake to fall, he or she must return to the starting line and begin again.
  • Members from each team will run in relay wearing traditional chefs hats (provided). The chef’s hat, pancake and the frying pan must be exchanged intact before the next member of the team can proceed.
  • If the chef’s hat falls off/dropped then it must be picked up and put back on.
  • The pancakes must be tossed 3 times at the midway point along both sides of the course, to a minimum height of a foot each time.
  • The winning team is the first team past the post whose 3 members have completed the race and removed the chef’s hat.
  • Gentlemanly and ladylike behaviour will be strictly observed at all times.
  • Frying pans, surplus pancakes, eggs, flour or butter must not be used as weapons or thrown as missiles towards other teams or spectators.

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