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Healthy High Streets team provide mentoring scheme

As part of Responsible Business Week 18th – 24th April, Lowestoft Vision and the town’s Healthy High Streets team have launched their business mentoring scheme.

The scheme was developed following a recent town centre retailers meeting when a local business owner contacted Lowestoft Vision to ask for help and advice with the layout of his premises.

Lowestoft is one of the original Healthy High Streets towns in which Business in the Community Partners (BiTC) of Boots, M&S, Greggs and Santander have signed up to provide support and assistance to projects in the town. As a result Lowestoft Vision BID manager Darren Newman raised the request with the towns Healthy High Street team with the idea of providing a case study which could be replicated throughout the town centre.

Lowestoft M&S store manager Mark Leftley agreed to help and contacted Duncan Adams of Dunx cycles to arrange a site visited.

Mark and Duncan

As part of the visited Mark evaluated the layout of the shop, window displays, points of sale, merchandising and maximising sales opportunities. Following this he provided Duncan with a list of recommendations.

Mark Leftley M&S store manager said “The brief I worked to was to provide Duncan with some practical advise which would help improve sales and the overall appearance of the store without the need for unnecessary spend.

“Duncan highlighted his vision for the business and his key products and I provided him with a list of recommendations which I felt would be of help”.

Following the visit and recommendations, Dunx cycles have been busy putting these actions into place at the store located on the historic High Street. Owner Duncan Adams said “I found it incredibly useful to have someone who knew what they were doing, look at my business and make a report. It was a real eye opener to learn about shop layout and it has made a really useful difference to my business and the customers love it”.

Lowestoft Vision is now looking to roll the scheme out to other businesses in the town. Darren Newman, Lowestoft Vision BID manager, said “The pilot was a great success and it was pleasing to see two businesses working together. We now want to offer this free service out to other businesses in the town”.

Local business who are interested in taking part in the mentoring scheme can find out more information by contacting Lowestoft Vision This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 01502 502205.

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