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Lowestoft Business Invite and Opportunities


22 June to 21 July 2015 - Beat the Street is a FREE cycling, running and walking initiative commissioned by Health East CCG and funded with a grant from SCC Public Health. It supports health and wellbeing in businesses, reduces congestion and promotes community cohesion. Best of all it is fun, free and simple to play!

Beat the Street, supporting workplace wellbeing and sustainable travel to work. 22 June to 21 July 2015

Your business is invited to take part in a four week mass participation challenge in Lowestoft, Somerleyton, Corton, Kessingland and Carlton Colville.


Why Play?

Beat the Street can help support your business by encouraging sustainable travel for work and improving the health and wellbeing of staff. It also generates positive media attention during the project that you can benefit from.

Encouraging activity through the workplace can have major benefits for individuals and organisations as a whole.

There is a growing body of research that shows that, among a whole list of benefits, moderate activity taken each day as part of a consistent routine can:
• Reduce stress, anxiety & depression
• Increase energy and decreased fatigue
• Improve overall health
• Improve problem solving skills and encourage greater creativity
• Improve job satisfaction/morale/motivation/performance!

On top of this, strain on parking facilities and town centre pollution levels provide a clear incentive to get people considering other modes of transport to get to work.


How do I play?

Players tap cards (like oyster cards) on Beat Boxes placed on lamp posts throughout Lowestoft, Somerleyton, Corton, Kessingland and Carlton Colville. When someone taps the card on the Beat Box it beeps and flashes. Tapping two or more records a journey, earns points for the player, their team and the overall community total.

All players can win prizes for themselves, or for their chosen local school and associated charity. As well as our daily prizes, £500 will be awarded to the school (plus an additional £500 to their chosen charity) whose team travels the furthest.



We are asking that you support a local school and join their school team to complete in the Beat the Street competition. You will then compete against all the other school teams in the town and help in building the total community mileage across the four weeks.

Where has Beat the Street happened before?
Intelligent Health ran Beat the Street in Reading, Thurrock, New York, Norwich, Cambridge and Hounslow in 2014.

39,000 people took part. 15,074 played in Reading making it the biggest mass participation competition of its kind in the world. They walked an incredible 244,000 miles to the moon!

Media coverage was excellent in 2014. In Reading, over 40 print articles were produced by local media during the competition. All were positive.

Would you like to support this initiative to build an active community?

Beat the Street Lowestoft opportunities include:
• Providing spot prizes for weekly competition (value up to £50 each)
• One big prize for a local School if town walks and cycles 25,000 miles over 4 weeks - we have previously donated to a local charity if the town meets the challenge
• Individual prizes for the adults that walk/cycle the furthest throughout the competition (value £100 each)
• Co-promotional items for town events (water bottles, key rings etc)
• Media competition prize value of £25 – send a photo playing Beat the Street.

Website and social media live from 1st June 2015
The competition website is: www.Lowestoft.beatthestreet.me
Beat the Street uses Facebook Beat the Street Lowestoft and Twitter @btslowestoft to successfully engage with participants
Participants can view their score, their team tally and how the overall community challenge is progressing.

To get involved and receive your free cards and marketing pack to take part, and to support in other ways, please contact Matt Stebbings by 1st June 2015 on
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07903468010

Download The PDF Here

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