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Lowestoft Vision Members September Forum

The Lowestoft Vision member’s forum took place on Thursday 3rd September 2015 at Ashby’s restaurant on the Historic High Street. 
The forum was attended by 35 Lowestoft Vision members and also received 10 apologies for those unable to attend.
The forum was hosted by Lowestoft Vision Chairman Danny Steel who introduced fellow board director Dan Poitras along with the BID team of Darren Newman & Jason Cookson.
Darren Newman BID manager provided the forum with an update on Lowestoft Vision projects and outcomes which include:
•Police community support officer (PCSO) funding and how this is assisting in reducing crime in the BID area.
•Projects to make the area more attractive including improvements to street furniture, floral display and being pro-active to tackling fly tipping
•Town centre events and marketing and how this has helped to increase footfall
•How Lowestoft Vision is working with other organisations and groups projects to develop a number of different areas of the town.
Following the presentation the forum was divided into four groups to discuss issues which effected business in the town and how Lowestoft Vision could help to resolve these issues. 
Each of the groups debated the issues of the town and how these could be resolved coming up with some great ideas for future projects. Following feedback from Each group the BID team agreed to develop the ideas and look at how these could be built into future businesses plans.
The agreed projects to develop and look into included
•Providing an additional PCSO
•Provide a scheme to provide further intelligence for town security
•Providing additional CCTV outside of the town centre
•Put forward plans for 1 hour parking, park and walk and other free parking schemes
•Work with organisations to address fly tipping
•Signposting for Whapload Road
•Business Loyalty Scheme
The BID team agreed to feedback actions on projects and the next member’s forum.
If any business was unable to attend the meeting and would like to meet with Darren please feel free to contact him on 01502 502205.

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