News from the BID PCSO

As always it has been a busy month in the town and along with my colleagues we have dealt with a wide range of issues from anti-social behaviour to shop theft. Working with the team at Lowestoft Vision we continued to set monthly priorities around shop theft, street drinking & begging and reducing illegally parked cars.

As the weather is set to get warmer the risk of a potential increase in street drinkers and beggars is likely. I would ask all businesses to report any street drinking or begging by calling 101 or by using your town security radio. Over the past 12 months we have been able to reduce issues around street drinking in the town and it is vital that we keep on top of this.

Following the recent retailers networking meeting we understand the parking in the town is a real concern for local businesses. Over the past month I have issued 32 fixed penalty notices for parking offences in the BID area. I will now be looking at ways to increase patrols to parking hotspots. As a result of the recent Policing review, my shifts have now changed so I no longer work evening and night shifts. This will provide me with more time to focus on issues such as parking. However the long term solution for the Constabulary is to hand parking enforcement over to local councils.

As with all busy areas theft continues to be a problem in the town and over the last month I have dealt with 5 incidents with 3 of these resulting in an arrest. The number of reported thefts has reduced but I’m sure we would all agree even 1 theft is too high.

If you experience theft from your premises please call 999 in an emergency or to report an issue call 101. Myself and my colleagues are able to help with identifying suspects through CCTV.

In addition to the priorities listed above I will continue to address a number of policing issues in the town from antic-social behaviour to cycling down the town centre. I will also be attending Lowestoft Vision networking events but business can also contact me by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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