Oregano - Business of the month

This month we are featuring Oregano Health Food store on London Road North. These are exciting times for Oregano as they prepare to celebrate an incredible 40 year anniversary.

Lowestoft Vision headed down to the store to ask Dan and Claire Bogan some questions.

LV: How long has the Business been in Lowestoft?
O: Forty years as of January. Both myself and Dan have been here 5 years.

LV: Why did you decide to open in Lowestoft?
O: (Dan) I was made redundant five years ago and coincidently the store became available.
My dad was an accountant for the store and I am really into health supplements etc.
I learnt the ropes for 6 months where the original owners would teach me everything I know now.

LV: How many staff members do you have?
O: Just us 2, although we used to have our daughter help out but she has gone into full time employment.

LV: Do you have any offers on at the moment?
Most of our supplements are on offer on a revolving basis, which are all based and made in the UK. The manufacturers only supply to independent stores.

LV: what do you like about having your store in Lowestoft?
O: We are from Lowestoft and we love the town. We have really lovely customers and some who have been regulars for many years.

LV: What has been the strangest question you have been asked?
O: We do get asked a lot of personal questions that may be sensitive to other people. It shows people can trust us.

LV: What is your best selling item?
Our supplements for joints and our coconut oil which is now reduced from £14.99 to £7.99.
We would also like to add that if there is anything we don’t stock, we will order it in, we are very dedicated to our customers.

Lowestoft Vision would like to thank Dan and Claire for their time and we would like to wish them a very Happy 40th Anniversary


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