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Police Community Support Officer for the BID area

Since the start of 2015 Lowestoft Vision has been working in partnership with Suffolk Constabulary to part fund a dedicated PCSO for the BID area. The PCSO role has replaced that of the Street Ambassadors service which concluded in December 2014.

The partnership ensures that the BID area has a dedicated PCSO who is unable to be called away to police other areas of the town. Through the scheme Lowestoft Vision collaborate with Suffolk Police to set the priorities of the PCSO.

Since taking up the post PCSO Michael Soanes has been busy working with business to make the town More Secure.


Lowestoft Vision in partnership with Suffolk Police has set Mike's objectives for the first three months of the contract as:

- Reducing street drinking and begging in the town

- Reducing shop lifting and theft

- Business engagement

Many businesses should have received a visit from Mike since he started back in January, these discussions have enabled Mike, Lowestoft Vision and Suffolk Police to establish business concerns on crime in the BID area. For those businesses who are yet to meet with Mike he can be contacted
directly by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since the beginning of the year the number of Street drinkers in the town has reduced, Mike has been active in removing alcohol from those drinking in the town centre but also signposting those with problems to services in the town were help and support can be provided locally.

Like many shopping centres theft and shoplifting continue to be a problem and over recent months the numbers of recorded crime has slightly increased. However working with local businesses PCSO Mike Soanes has helped to identify criminals leading to prosecution.

In addition to the above Mike has also been helping to reduce cycling in the town centre, issuing parking tickets and provide general support to local businesses.

Lowestoft Vision will be continuing to review the scheme with Suffolk Police and set objectives that have the greatest impact on businesses in the BID area.

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