Update from the BID PCSO

Update from the BID PCSO

Working in partnership with Suffolk Constablulary the BID part funds a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) who is responsable for patrolling the BID area. 

PCSO Soanes has been on post since January 2015 and provided some detail on how the type of activity he is dealing with on a daily basis.


I have now been in the role for three months, I am trying to speak to most business premises in the bid area as possible, although this taking a longer than I expected. I am pleased at the response I have received from local residents, shop staff etc who have been very supportive and welcoming, it is proving to be a challenge to keep up with everything that is happening in the town but I think we are slowly getting there.

Once of my key actions is to deal with shoplifters , the town link radio is proving to be a great success in combatting this and I would advise any shop that has not got one to consider this. I carry a radio myself so it is a means to contact me and security officers directly in the town which cuts down on the delay trying to call the police control room.

The amount of Local Street drinking in the area has reduced to a small number of local well known offenders, of which we have got criminal behaviour orders on two of these individuals which makes it far easier to deal with and put them before the courts.

Cycling in the town centre is still proving to be a challenge, I have spoken to just under 250 over the last few months and I have to say all but 2 have been apologetic, so hopefully if we can keep at this, also with more signage we can try and reduce this issue.

If I have not visited your business premises yet I must apologise but I will try and do this on the next few months, you can contact me on Suffolk police using the non-emergency number 101 either leaving a message or you can be put straight through to my police radio.
Lastly I must say how much I am enjoying this roll it's nice to be able to get out on foot patrol and actually speak to people who can explain the local issues and point me in the right direction so I can try and deal or at least put something in place with other officers to try and deal with the issue, also I would like to thank everybody I have spoken too over the last 3 months and look forward to continuing in the roll in the future.

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